Getting Started as a Host

Setting up your account is intuitive and is typically accomplished in under 10 minutes. There are three primary steps:

  • 1.Syncing your rental calendars.
  • 2.Inviting your cleaners/co-host or finding new cleaners in our marketplace.
  • 3.Setting up automatic payments for your cleaner (optional for your existing cleaners) .

Syncing Rental Calendar

Currently, we support Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway and iCal (Google calendars) calendars. To upload your calendars, click the “+” in the properties tab and follow the steps.
Note: The settings you choose for your property, such as check-in/check-out times, are just the default settings. You can edit these default settings for individual turnover projects, as needed.
Note: If you have both an Airbnb and VRBO calendar for the same property, just create two properties (one for each calendar) – they can have the same address.

Find a New Cleaner

We have many cleaners on our marketplace that have been used and reviewed by vacation rental hosts, such as yourself. Finding a new cleaner on TurnoverBnB is simple - just follow the steps.

Inviting Cleaners/Co-host

Inviting your cleaners and co-hosts is easy – just go to the invite tab and follow the steps to invite them by email or SMS (text message). Feel free to personalize your message! Once your cleaner/co-host accepts, their status will move from pending to completed
Note: What’s the difference between a cleaner and co-host? A cleaner can accept/reject projects and view project details; whereas, a co-host has access to your account and can do everything you can do, except delete you.

If your cleaners are already on TurnoverBnB simply invite them using their email address, you will be connected immediately.

Setting up Auto-pay for cleaner

Auto-pay is a great feature that allows you to automatically pay your cleaner, when they complete your projects. After a cleaner has completed a project, you have 24 hours to cancel payment, if needed. The credit card payments are processed by Stripe ( and none of your credit card information is stored on our systems.

Auto-pay is an optional feature for your existing cleaners, but required for marketplace cleaners (cleaners we introduce to you)

For more information on how payments work, please visit our payments help page.

Helpful Tips

Here are a few helpful tips that allow you to customize TurnoverBnB to fit your needs:

1) Once you have synced your rental calendar, you can edit each turnover project individually and change the notes, check-in/check-out times, etc.

2) Want to clean the unit yourself occasionally? You can unpublish turnover projects by clicking the eye button – your cleaner will no longer be able to see the project or accept it. You can also turn off automatic publishing for a property in the property editor and publish all your turnover projects manually from the turnover tab.

3) You can setup one-off cleaning projects that are not associated with your rental calendar by going to the turnovers tab and selecting the “special project” button.

Refer a Friend Campaign

At TurnoverBnB, you can get discounts on your next cleanings by gifting discounts to other vacation rental hosts!

On the menu, you will notice a link to 'Refer-a-Friend', where you will find options to share a personalized link.

New hosts that sign-up through your refer-a-friend link will receive a discount on their first marketplace cleaning*!

Once they complete their first cleaning using a marketplace cleaner, you will also receive a discount* on your next marketplace cleaning! The more gifts you give, the more you get!

* The value of the discount may differ depending on the currency used for a property and it's location.
* We reserve the rights to apply the discounts at our discretion.